"We have been looking for these videos, for a long time, and  then we came across  dynamophone . We were shocked to find  the missing movie in their
playlist, but a lot of other movies that we loved when we were younger. We will always
come back to this company for any rarely-seen movies.
– Carlos & Gabriela Ramírez


Our Company,

specializes in finding most of the lesser seen

movies in this digital world, then allowing the

public to purchase any of these rarely seen gems.

Included in our collection of DVDs, are compilations 

of  sporting events. The sporting events include

Thoroughbred Horse Racing, Negro and National League Baseball, NASCAR Car Racing & Car history, and NBA

 Basketball. Our Movies genres included are:

Westerns, War, Musicals, TV Series, Drama,  Crime & Suspense. All Documentaries are TV productions, covering all of my 3 main headings.

    All of the DVD videos go through an upgrading process, where everything is cleaned-up before being listed on our web-site; no editing is done to the actual movie itself.

    I list all the videos that I will be selling, so please use the  Contact Me page for any correspondence. To start, first e-mail me (preferred), then we can talk on our telephones. If you want a full list of my updated video list, I will email it to you, and no pictures will be included.

Personal checks and bank money orders will be the only 2 accepted forms of payment. Orders using personal checks will be held until those checks clear at my bank.

      Free shipping in Continental United States is indefinite; Alaska  and Hawaii go at 1/2 price, while International shipping will go at full shippers rate. I will use USPS (first-class delivery) for all items to be shipped.